We were very pleased to take our Smoothie Bikes along to Clicks to help out at their recent Fight the Flu activation. This event was for their staff in conjunction with the amazing Ryan O’Connor and KFM.  Clicks quite rightly so, are at the forefront of staff wellness and helping keep their employees in tip top shape.  They promote a healthy approach and value our support at their events. We bring that message of healthy living, active lifestyle and good diet all encapsulated in our unique activation.

Our smoothie bikes are the perfect way to get staff up and away from their desks and get them moving.  But it’s essential to make it a light-hearted, accessible and easy way that encourages participation.  Even better than that, our smoothies are just the best reward at the end of it to reinforce that message.  And they aren’t just a gimmick, our smoothies really are some of the best in the business!

But back to Clicks and their staff event.  We were invited along to ensure that as many people as possible were made aware of their Fight the Flu initiative.  Out staff were on and to get people moving, engage them and get them involved in the smoothie bikes.  W make sure people get the message and get on board the bikes.

It really is as simple and easy as that and the impact is always overwhelming.  Ryan O’Conner himself couldn’t get enough of both the bikes and the smoothies, raving about them on the radio and coming back to have extra goes and try all the delicious flavours we have to offer.

Ryan O’Connor

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