Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes is a juice and smoothie company with a twist!

We deliver our fresh juices and smoothies packs straight to your door for you to enjoy.

We also offer an exciting events service, at which our smoothies are made using pedal power on our fantastic smoothie bikes.

Our primary aim is to encourage a healthy lifestyle, through a balanced diet and moderate exercise.

We do this in two ways:

Firstly, we offer a range of fresh juices, and easy to blend smoothie packs to enjoy at home. To make it easier for you to commit to a healthy lifestyle, we will deliver our juices and smoothie packs directly to you, 4 days a week.

In today’s stressful times, it is particularly important to remain strong and healthy, and our juices and smoothie packs offer a convenient and tasty way to do so.

Our juices and packs are made with premium fruits and vegetables, and we offer a range of options to suit varied tastes.

Click the link below to buy our juices and smoothie packs.

Secondly, we offer an experienced and exciting events service. Our smoothie bikes offer a great way to promote the message of living a healthy, happy life, and our energetic and passionate staff have ensured that our service is a big hit at wellness days across the country.

Blendavenda smoothie bikes also attend a wide range of events including community days, festivals, conferences, sports events, brand activations and children’s parties.

The History of Blendavenda

Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes has been operating in the UK since 2006 and in South Africa since 2010. The original idea of linking a bike with a blender was invented by Tom Briggs and grew out of his passion for cycling, health and well-being, and his experience in engineering.

Since then we have expanded our offering across South Africa and now operate in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban where our teams are ready to assist with all your Smoothie Bike needs.

Our Smoothie Bikes are designed using the latest Omiblend commercial blending jugs for great results.

Experience has shown us that whether you pedal fast or slow, after 500m of cycling, your smoothie is perfectly blended. Our cycle computers will measure and time this distance. The adjustable seat and light resistance means that children and adults alike can easily and effectively use the equipment.

As an extension to its offering, Blendavenda also sells a range of tasty, fresh and healthy juices and smoothie packs, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet with none of the hassle.

The juices are made using high quality ingredients, and are bottled in glass to reduce the environmental impact of plastic.

The smoothie packs are similarly prepared from premium fruits, and are packed in recyclable bags.

To enjoy our juices and smoothie packs, click the link below.

Tom Briggs (Cape Town)

Tom Briggs (Cape Town)

Tom is passionate about promoting a positive health message.

He believes that regular moderate activity, combined with a balanced diet are key. However, Tom has worked in health promotion for many years, and understands the many barriers which prevent people from achieving this in life.

With the use of our smoothie bikes as a fun catalyst for conversation, Tom always strives to inspire positive health focused changes in people.

Tom firmly believes that the juices and smoothie packs are an easy way to stay healthy, and he enjoys either a home blended smoothie or juice every day, usually after a long cycle.

Thilo Moodley (Durban)

Thilo Moodley (Durban)

Thilo has been in the financial services industry for most of her career, where she focused predominantly on operations.

Thilo has a lifelong, keen interest in sports and health; her passion has always been netball – where she represented South Africa.

She now spends her time playing a role in sports management, while operating the Blendavenda business on a full-time basis in the KZN region.

Through Blendavenda, she relishes the opportunity to encourage people to lead more active and healthy lives.

Rob (UK)

Rob (UK)

Rob has worked at Blendavenda in the UK for 6 years.

Passionate about community events, Rob will ensure your planned event goes smoothly.

Rob has a background in health, fitness and nutrition.